Giving our kids hope is the key to their success. When we say Great Job or Well done, we don't realize just how much those  simple words are building up self-confidence or self-esteem of our children. When we encourage our children, it gives them the ability to take on challenges, and helps them overcome any obstacle that they may need to get over in order to fulfill their dreams in life.

About Us

 About Prime Time "for the kids, for the kids" Inc.

Prime Time "For the Kids, For the Kids" was founded in 2000 with the overall purpose of supporting children and youth in New Mexico. In today's society, young people hear too often about the bad things they have done, and not enough about how they are appreciated. Our children should be receiving more recognition for the good things they do. Over the years, we have sponsored many events for youth and their families. In 2007, our lobbying efforts to have New Mexico establish an official Youth Day holiday on the first Saturday in August paid off.

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Our Mission:

Prime Time "For the Kids, For the Kids" is a registered non-profit organization that promotes self-esteem and self-confidence in today's youth so they have the tools to become tomorrow's leaders. We do this by:

  • * Encouraging youth to participate in social and cultural activities

  • * Encouraging parent involvement

  • * Reinforcing positive behaviors

  • * Providing positive means of self-expression

  • * Providing strong and confident role models

  • * Providing methods to create and maintain healthy family structures

​​Our Vision:

Prime Time's "For the Kids, For the Kids" vision is for the whole nation to celebrate an official Youth Day holiday; a day to celebrate the success of our young citizens. We are proposing that the first Saturday in August of each year be known as "National Youth Day,"  in the same manner two Sundays a year are known as Mother's Day and Father's Day.

Join us as we move toward creating a nationally recognized day added to our nation's calendar so no child is left out of the American dream.

 "National Youth Day"
 The day every child in our nation can be recognized...!